Daily Fashion Illustration 188. Monday, May 26. 2014

Story submitted by Elkin Cardona. -instagram @
'I considered myself a versatile dresser, concerned with only one thing and that is "FIT." Big name brands down to thrifted goods, sneakers to shoes as long as the fit is on point everything else follows.

There is no other way for me to go around this venture into fashion other than accidental. Being a Respiratory Therapist, suiting up is not something that's required of me for work where I spend 70% of my time. However being a photographer and an artist, accidentally propelled me into an attraction for Menswear. The way you present yourself directly affects your business and it was a no-brainer for me to represent myself to clients in the most polished of ways.

Daily Fashion Illustration 188, Elkin Cardona

So I started buying suits, wearing ties and purchasing shoes, balancing out my wardrobe which at one point consisted of only sneakers. Over the last couple of years this
evolved my style into what is referred to as an Urban Gent. This made me a very versatile dresser and I guess that's what people are so drawn by. As long as the fit is correct I believe you can be dapper in just about anything and it doesn't have to be a suit and tie.

I really don't consider myself a fashion guy and certainly have surprised myself when I've been invited to private GQ parties, seen my picture printed in a magazine, have had photoshoots with famed fashion blogs, etc....I get this feeling of "how did I end up here?" And I guess that's why I think of all this as sort of a cool "accident."