Her Comment Confirmed That My Style Is Not Just A Style

Daily Fashion Illustration 150. Monday, March 31. 2014

Style submitted by Doron Bond. -instagram @doronbond, twitter @doronbond, tumblr DoronBond
'My Mother, who passed away last year, once told me as she was looking at a few images from a photo-shoot that I was showing her, "..you are very photogenic!"

Her comment confirmed that my style is not just a "style", but my calling: a calling that I must exhibit in remembrance of her, and in honor to God. Her comment confirmed that my style is apart of my calling, my being. I recall telling a woman years ago at church that I wanted to go to a more "fitted" look. A couple days later at church she gave me a garbage bag full of "fitted" tops that someone gave her when she was housecleaning their residence. More confirmation that my style is a calling that I must exhibit.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 150, Doron Bond