My Internal Enthusiasm For The Fashion Industry Has Been Brought Out

Daily Fashion Illustration 153. Thursday, April 3. 2014

Style submitted by Daniel Moretz. -instagram @daniellmoretz
'I've been gradually evolving my personal style from pleats and polos to more bespoke tailoring at Michael Andrews Bespoke with inspiration from Dan Trepanier (TSBmen) and the Model Gentleman.

As a lighting designer and grandson of an Artist (Betty Boyce) I have a love for art and the finer things in life. My personal style can be described as constantly evolving. As a reader of a number of menswear related magazines I quickly became tired of the ever so trendy advice
that was consistently offered to their readers. A few years back I turned to TSBmen and began taking the advice of my friend Dan Trepanier who has a similar view of style as I do. Ever since I turned to TSBmen my internal enthusiasm for the fashion industry has been brought out. I recently purchased my first bespoke suit and shirts from Michael Andrews
Bespoke and absolutely adore the quality of their product offerings.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey that is my personal style.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 153, Daniel Moretz