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Daily Fashion Dapper Santa

After an exhausting day of travel and gift giving Saint Nick likes to take a day to relax. Getting away from the hustle and bustle, from the elves and the toys he dons his smoking jacket and retires to a bit of solitude. The snow is still falling and the glow from the moon is a cozy blue.

Saint Nick lights his La Gloria Cubana and takes a puff. The new year is nigh but Santa can rest easy for a while.

Dapper Santa.png



Daily Fashion Dapper Rudolph

Christmas Eve is upon us and who better to usher it in than Rudolph himself. With a lightly red nose and his red accoutrement he is ready for any dapper Christmas event.

Rudolph recently found himself in the whole menswear craze and just couldn't help but update his wardrobe for the new year. Keeping it casual with a red fedora and a red bow tie Rudolph is now the envy of all the reindeer.

Go ahead and take a look and be in awe of the amazing Dapper Rudolph.

Dapper Rudolph.png



Daily Fashion Dapper SnowMan

As this is the Eve of the Eve of Christmas it is time to begin the countdown to Dapper Santa. Today I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Dapper Snow Man. We spent a lot of time together when I was younger. As of late I have seen less and less of him but we have not lost touch.

The Dapper Snow Man is a rare breed. He only appears in climes that drop below freezing and accumulate the particular frozen flakes of precipitation. Often times you will catch him wearing red and green and smoking a pipe in the chill winter air, with teeth that many say look of coal and a nose reminiscent of a carrot.

Dapper Snow Man.png