Daily Fashion Day 13. 

Submitted by Akil McLeod, 'Dapper Advisor.' -instagram @dapperadvisor

Akil says, 'I am a 23 year old menswear enthusiast that believes in a lot of things but being overdressed and being over educated is not one of them. Currently, I serve as an Academic Advisor at a Masters Comprehensive College in the Northeast. Hence the name, “Dapper Advisor”, pun intended. My love affair with fine tailoring and dressing well emerged when I started my first internship in Graduate School. There I learned the importance of dressing for the role you are aspiring for, in order to gain the admiration and respect of your colleagues and supervisors. Needless to say, here I am today with a Masters Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration in one hand, and the mission of inspiring other young professionals to dress well in my heart.'


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