In Retrospect, That Led To Me Finding My Own Style

Daily Fashion Illustration 73. Thursday, December 5. 2013

Style submitted by Chris Davis. -instagram user @_grilledcheese
'I got my inspiration early on from my older brother. He would come home
with all of the cool clothes that I only got to see on television or in
fashion magazines. After seeing the way that my brother dressed, I
wanted to be just like him, so I took the clothes that I already had in
my closet and tried to emulate his style. In retrospect, that led to me
finding my own style. 
Now that I am older, I know what works for me. I am a firm believer that
when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good.
It took a while, but now that I have found this comfortable space, my
confidence to go to new heights. The attention from girls has helped out
a lot too!'

Chris Davis.png