Enjoy What You Wear. Wear What You Enjoy. Then Go Out and Show the World What You're Made Of.

Daily Fashion Illustration 68. Wednesday, November 27. 2013

Style submitted by Ignacio Quiles. -instagram user @sartorialpairings
'I've always loved fashion and getting dressed up. My mom was a seamstress and I used to love to watch her sew. As I grew up fashion became not just a way to express myself, but also a way to connect with other people.

I love it when people come up and admire my style. It gives me an opening to ask them about their interests. Lately I'm developing a reputation for being an urban dandy with a talent for mixing and matching patterns and colors and vintage and modern attire. I don't like limits or rules. I find daily inspiration in my dressing room and try give voice to all eras in my sartorial expression.

Enjoy what you wear. Wear what you enjoy. Then go out and show the world what you're made of. That's my motto.'

ignacio quiles.png