My Style is the Bridge That Connects Chic With Sophistication

Daily Fashion Illustration 64. Thursday, November 21. 2013

Style submitted by Ron Suhanosky. -instagram user @xorstyle
'My style is the bridge that connects chic with sophistication.

On February 14, 2013 XOR was launched by RonSuhanosky as a bespoke brand of handmade accessories for men and women. The idea for the brand was born over the summer of 2012 when Ron, working as a professional chef, began making elegant one-of-a-kind pocket squares for friends as gifts.

With his keen eye for design, Ron has created and expressed his own style over the years, having always caught the eyes and attention of others. Whether with his interior living spaces, the ambiances of his previously owned restaurants, or his day-to-day fashion, Ron offers a unique way of melding together traditional with modern chic.

Every XOR accessory is individually designed and sewn from fabrics such as linens, silks, and cotton blends for spring/summer, and fine Italian cashmere, wool blends, and herringbones for fall/winter. Bound with the signature silk ribbon in a contrasting color, each accessory carries its own sensibility for accenting a casual look, dressing for the office or an elegant night out.'

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