Daily Fashion Day 29. Saturday, October 5. 2013. 

Submitted by Carlos Valdez. -instagram user @captncarlos
'My fascination with suits and tailoring started from watching James Bond movies every weekend in my childhood, my folks never dressed that nicely so when I had to explore style and everything on my own. I started to wear suits regularly when I was working during the 2012 political campaigns running a volunteer office and when it all ended I just kept wearing them.

Instagram has been the biggest influence on my style, not only have I made some freaking awesome friends that give me some really solid advice but it also helped me get a job with Cesar Renuan who is a great suit maker in New York. I'm currently the main design consultant in Miami and I have never felt happier working.

There are two really snappy quotes I love regarding menswear,
"Suits are to women, as lingerie is to men." and
"Style isn't about how other people see you, but how you see yourself"

So I doubt that I'm going back to wearing college t-shirts.'

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