Philip Splendorio

It's not just about the looks. It's also about the work that you do. Philip Splendorio has the great style and the job to be envious of.

This week we take a look at the dapper styles of Philip Splendorio, the man behind Sprezzabox.

Week of Philip Splendorio

Q5. What is a big failure that you have had? Has it helped you with the success you have now?

Philip- When SprezzaBox was 3-months in the making, we had a huge opportunity to cross-market with top tier beverage company. They wanted to work with us on a campaign in Australia. We took so long trying to secure cheap shipping rates with our carrier that the beverage company scratched the campaign to start working on a their holiday marketing. I learned that I need to set deadlines for each project I take on and that it's not always about extreme profitability. Sometimes getting your name out there is more important in the long run than quick profits. We plan much better now when it comes to marketing, timing and budgets.

The man behind Sprezzabox

Q4.  How many shoes do you own?

Philip- I probably own around 65 pairs total, majority of them dress shoes. Soon to be 66 as I am eyeing a pair of suede d-monks.

On the rooftops. Philip Splendorio

Q3. You are a self proclaimed 'Shoe Addict'. Is that all types of shoes? Would I see you walking around in crocs as well as Andres Sendra?

Philip- I do love all shoes, sneaker and boots. Although you probably won't see me wearing crocs, I do own a pair of orange camouflage slippers. Current favorites are Paul Evans and Andres Sendra.

Philip Splendorio of Sprezzabox

Q2. Do you have a morning routine?

Philip- I do have a morning routine, especially this winter. I typically answer emails in bed until around 10am. Then I head over to Sweet Leaf for a great cup of coffee and then walk to my office which is one block away. I turn the music on, create my daily To Do List, post on Instagram and get to work!

Philip Splendorio fashion illustration

Q1. You are the founder/creator of Sprezzabox. What was the inspiration for starting a menswear subscription company?

Philip- I like surprises. However, I couldn't seem to find a men's subscription box that fit my style and needs. At that time, I needed to wear ties and dress socks to work everyday. After much searching, I thought there must be other guys out there who are having the same frustrations. That's where SprezzaBox was born.


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