I think I'm in love. I know I love my wife, but I think I'm in love with these no-show socks.

That's not correct. I'm in love with the way that Taft Clothing markets their socks. I love the simplicity and creativity of Taft Clothing. Read the interview I did with Kory, the founder of Taft Clothing on the Daily Fashion Project.

Wear Taft fashion illustration

Imagine for a moment, needing to advertise socks that when they are worn are meant not to be seen. The easy thing to do, the obvious thing would be to photograph people wearing the socks.

Taft took the challenge and decided to instead use shoes as the main marketing tool for their brand. The shoes, which share a symbiotic relationship to the sock are the main marketing tool of Taft's no-show socks, though when the shoes are worn the socks are not seen.

Perhaps this is a simple marketing idea, perhaps I am small minded but to me it was a brave and brilliant way to share their work.

Taft Socks illustrated

I was honored to receive a pack of no show socks from Taft which endeared me to the brand even more. The Winston pack, as illustrated above, is what I received. In the Winston Pack you'll find, the Hansen, the Guthrie, the Malaga and the Garden.

At the time I was staying in a house with an exchange student from Malaga, Spain and had to gift him that pair.

In my Miguel Angel post I am also wearing Taft.