Custom sartorial clothing brand under the direct guidance of fashion visionary Angel Ramos.

8. Did you have to struggle to develop your style/identity?

Angel- I think it took years of evolving in which all my moves around the country had lots of influence on it. I was able to take styles from each city that I lived in and pretty much create my own lane. But as years pass I find myself favoring the simple. 

9. Do you consider yourself an expert in menswear? 

Angel- No, I don't consider myself an expert in menswear. There's way too many facets of it that I'm still learning. I do think and believe that I have more passion for menswear and learning about it than most do. 

10. What keeps you motivated?

Angel- A lack of safety. It drives me. 

11. How do your peers view you and your work?

Angel- My close piers (my best friends that I speak with daily that also in menswear Kiton, Luciano Barbera, etc) think of me way more highly than I ever would of myself. But that's just a sign of great moral support. It's the same from me to them. Others not sure.. 

12. Who were your earliest influences?

Angel- Listening to Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, La Fania Allstars and other classics with my dad in the living room and it only being about my dad teaching me how to listen to certain instruments first. I would sit there and he would say, "don't focus on anything but hear the snare... Listen to the clarinet..." Attention to detail was highly taught by my dad. 

13. Tell me about the beard.

Angel- didn't Jesus have a beard... Hahaha NUFF said