Angel Bespoke

 Custom sartorial clothing brand under the direct guidance of fashion visionary Angel Ramos.

1. How did you begin in fashion? What's your story?

Angel- I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY born and raised. Growing up in NYC I've always had a love for style and fashion. Even though I didn't grow up with knowledge  of tailoring and menswear I still was a able to develop my own style which was inspired by Ralph Lauren prep casual wear and I mixed it with a bit of artsy urban. In my days it was a style and truly a lifestyle which a large group of people categorized it as LO-LIFES. After I left college I moved back to NYC and oddly developed a huge passion for the art of tailoring and menswear. I would spend countless hours on blogs and European websites, and in those days the only significant blog known was The Sartorialist and at that time he was shooting a ton of menswear street style. That sparked a fire in me to want to find a way in. Even though I wasn't working in any retail environment for menswear I started to dress more and take a huge interest in sartorialism in general. Though it took several years for me to transition out of luxury real estate with Sotheby's International in 2010 I was awarded "America's Best Dressed Real Man"by Esquire Magazine, the rest is literally unfolding day by day as I continue to build my own house brand ANGEL | BESPOKE based in my home of NYC.

2. What do you get out of menswear? passion, money, joy, clout, notoriety, a career?

Angel- Clothing is how "I" see art. Some see it thru pictures, others thru landscape and earth I see it thru people and everyday life. As much as I travel I love meeting people that appreciate style and portray it in their personal way, yet have a story behind the why... Building a correct business with the huge emphasis on customers and clients will yield financial gain regardless. If you offer a quality product, and your customer or client understand that it is in fact quality, and the service you give them keeps them coming back money and financial growth for the business is inevitable. But waking up every morning and knowing that I get to do what I love and have a passion in, meet people to not only sell clothing to them but use my business as a platform to create long lastings relationships and create wealth for my family brings me the most joy ever.   

3. What is your philosophy on style?

Angel- SIMPLE.ELEGANT.COMFORT.ART Having a simplistic elegance in your style is crucial, be creative without any regards to what others might think, and be comfortable. In my opinion comfort is just as personal as style. I often have folks comment, "man your pants are really tapered and slim, I can never do that" however that's what makes ANGEL feel comfortable. I love it. I would actually hate to have full fitting trousers, but that's the glory of comfort, it's personal. How are you supposed to tell me how I should feel? 

4. What were some of your struggles when first starting Angel Bespoke?

Angel- We'll I don't come from a entrepreneurial thinking family so the risk was much deeper than just trying to start a company. I had to really beak the mindset with the generations of family members wanting to be completely safe in having a job and health insurance into having a mentality of just go for it. Owning a business isn't easy, it's stressful, most times especially in e beginning you're doing ALL on your own no matter who you hired, but thankfully as time passes you learn so much and adapt. 

5. Why the hand in the pocket?

Angel- It's my most comfortable position to stand. The pocket was created for that purpose. Not to keep sealed. I love it when a jacket is used to its full function. Use your pockets! 

6. How do you balance work with family?

Angel- In the beginning it was quite tough because I was putting my all into my business and the balance was difficult. I had my wife constantly telling me to stop working late at night. It got to the point where I saw myself year ahead and saw a guy I didn't want to be. One who ignores his wife and family bc he's so obsessed with his work. So I immediately started to make those adjustments. I have a strict cut off time where I won't work, check emails, or take phone calls. Aside from it being healthy for my relationship with my wife it's also healthy to set that boundary with your clients so they don't think they can't contact you in the late hours of the night. 

7. Are you confident when you get dressed? 

Angel- Yes, and it mainly deals we me never caring what anyone thought about me. I've always did thins differently and took risk in regards to clothing. So when I get dressed whether it's right or wrong in the eyes fashion r menswear it's always right for me haha.