Adam Derrick is taking his luxury shoe brand To Boot New York into the Sneaker-Verse.

The   'Farley Black'   sneaker from To Boot New York, by Adam Derrick.

The 'Farley Black' sneaker from To Boot New York, by Adam Derrick.

My expectations are a paradox of no benefit of the doubt with high expectations. I'm still in the process of wearing and examining these To Boot New York sneakers but my immediate impression is satisfaction.

Emerging from a red box, emblazoned with 'To Boot New York, Adam Derrick' these sneakers sang an entrance song of joy. The Italian leather was rigid, it didn't budge at my prodding. At once I was reassured of the quality but worried about the wear-ability.

Trying on the boots for the first time was like a hot knife through perfectly tendered animal fat, like a glove, like words to a page. It was as if the shoe wrapped its arms around my ankle and gave the most warm embrace.

To Boot New York sneaker drawing

Walking in them at first was a little painful. The tongue did not want to budge. After several days they began to learn the exact shape of my feet while walking. They adapted to the nuance in my step.

To Boot New York sneaker process with coffee

But I like I said in the beginning. There is still time for examination, for true understanding.

The painting of these new sneakers was so much fun. It's unusual to have the actual product that I am painting on hand. I notice a difference in quality when I have the real thing, like with this painting.

To Boot New York sneaker menswear illustration

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