Greenwhich Vintage ( is run by the eclectic and entertaining. master cobbler, Tamas (or as he likes to be called, 'Zen').

Spend a minute with Zen and you get a whole host of ideas and emotions thrown at you. His passion for crafting foot-wear is bolstered by his youth as a graffiti artist.

If his imposing figure doesn't intimidate you it's the intensity with his demeanor or the authority in talking about life that will.

Perhaps it's just that I'm a small guy.

I was able to experience the authority during Project Show and imposing on me at Project was this beautiful work of art that glows in the dark they called the 'Grown Man Solar Reds.' It merges the sophistication of a grown man's wardrobe with the brilliance of youth, inspired by the Yeezy Solar Red colorway. See and read more about it here.

Hand poured, glow in the dark soles on the Solar Reds.

Finally I was able to meet the folks behind Greenwich Vintage in person. I had been following them @grnwchvntgco on instagram for some time.

Max is another key member of the Greenwich Vintage team and he told me all about the Solar Reds, how they glow in the dark and their inspiration.

I was honored to take a moment from the insanity of running around at Project to chat with the guys and illustrate the Solar Reds in person.

See the whole array of shoes offered at


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