A good rhyme (please judge me if mine was actually poor) is worth the time it takes to say out loud.

So say it, OUT LOUD, 'D'Clic by Yapo at Project Show.'

There's a sort of symmetry with the 'p's and the 'o's, and the rhythm of three nouns to carry the phrase make me so happy.

Martial (pronounced mahr-see-ahl) and Cedric were a joy to meet when I walked by their modest sized booth at Project Show in Las Vegas. Martial is the man behind dclicbyyapo.com

The Athena belt. find it at  dclicbyyapo.com

The Athena belt. find it at dclicbyyapo.com

As I walked the rows and the isles I came across a pair of gentlemen ready to build. They were wearing their black aprons that buckle with the signature Yapo big-metal-buckle and big smiles that were so inviting.

Both men are from France and did not know one another prior to each of them moving to San Francisco. Now they work together to build and promote the 'Steam-Couture' (that has to be a real word) aesthetic of leather and nylon belts and bags that make up the world of D'Clic.

I want the

  • Umber Belt
  • Big Baby Fat Bag
  • and the really cool style of D'Clic

I Want The Style!!

But I'm afraid it is not meant to be for me. Check out the look book. Why can I not look this cool!?

On the third day of the Show I was finally able to steal away to the D'Clic booth with my pencils and paper in tow. Every step was brisk with obligation and thoughts jostled soft parts in my head, but when I saw Martial and Cedric again I was happy.

I met them on the first day of Project and over 48 hours later I was at their booth again.

They sat with me as I drew the Athena belt, Yapo continuing to be the conversationalist and Cedric designing away at the computer.

When I finally get to make a trip to San Francisco I will find myself at the D'Clic headquarters, seeing the magic happening in person.