All of this week we take a look at the popular, the 'GQ endorsed,' the 'Grown ass man' @thedressedchest who has earned popularity through his feed on Instagram.

The Dressed Chest (Rainier Jonn) almost exclusively shares selfies of his dressed chest. It's always the same frame with a new outfit each day to keep it fresh. He has a great qualification on his profile, 'because my arms are only so long...'

The Dressed Chest illustrated

So I had to ask Rainier how long his arms really are.

Rainier, 'Somewhere in between 30" and 32". Obviously not long enough for me to take full body-length selfies, haha.'


Sunflowerman, 'What or whom first introduced you to fashion?'

Rainier, 'I think the movie "Alfie" with Jude Law really helped me get into clothing and style. I just loved the way Jude wore his winter wear in that movie and how easily and effortlessly he tied his scarf onto his neck.

Another big influence to me was Ocean's Eleven with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I loved how Brad Pitt's character was so relaxed and laid back in his incredibly stylish suits. It was as if he was trying too hard and not hard at all at the same time.

Before movies like these I was into silly things like Affliction t-shirts and Monarchy jeans.

A lot of inspiration also comes from There were a lot of outfits on his blog from which I drew much of my inspiration early on. Looking at issues of GQ and Details magazines, and browsing through lots (and lots!) of J.Crew catalogs helped out as well.

I think all of these in conjunction brought me onto the shirt-and-tie trajectory.'

The Dressed Chest illustration
the dressed chest illustration

This first look is full of Sunflowerman Yellow so it was an obvious first choice.