The third illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man brings us the Power House watch and leather brand Fossil with the ostentation and style of Steven Onoja.

The Paintings

Painting for Look 1

Painting for Look 2

The Drawings

Drawing for look 1

Steven Fossil Drawing 1

Drawing for look 2

Steven Fossil Drawing 2

Color Studies

Over the Shoulder look at the Steven Onoja and Fossil Color Studies

Styling Steven

The Steven and Fossil illustration is actually going to be two illustrations. Below you can see the styles that I pulled together featuring all Fossil products except for the iconic Steven fedora.

Styling Steven sketch
Styling Steven sketch


I have begun this third illustration with a bit of sketching. Steven has a unique look that deserves special attention. What's different about the Fossil/Steven combo is that there will be two illustrations. Special consideration must be given to the composition of each so that they work in composition together.

To focus more on the watches I needed to pull the figure closer in view. Steven's feet are going to be missing in each of the illustrations. This serves the dual purpose of also not having to draw feet, which are always the worst.

Steven Onoja compositions for the Fossil AG4DM illustrations
Steven Onoja Fossil Grant watch sketch
Steven Onoja sketches

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