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Baselworld Day of the Horse


Baselworld Day of the Horse

Longines is known for its equestrian heritage. I knew this, and still I was caught off guard when I arrived at the booth on day 1 of Baselworld.

Longines Booth

I'm here with the guys from Time and Tide Watches and learning so much along the way. Not only am I slowly leaching their passion for watches I am getting a glimpse into their business savvy.

I also shared in the communal shock at the Longines Horse sitting in the booth. The color, not in a hue resembling the Texas horses to which I've grown accustomed is a dark teal and covering the horse is several variants on the Longines logo.

After painting it I was quite certain that it was in fact a grand horse.

Sketching the Longines Booth at Baselworld

Being a part of the Time and Tide team I got to sit in on the press day conference. It felt very official with interpreters, proper cameras, theater seating and every seat had a microphone for asking questions.

at the Baselworld day 1 press conference
Baselworld committee sketches

Day 2 I will be painting my first of the novelties in the new Longines collection.
Visit to get the proper Longines watch coverage and stay here for the inside look.

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