Pocket Squares aren't just for jackets, and O'Harrow knows it.

Back when Claire (founder of O'Harrow Clothiers) was more solely focused on pocket squares she contacted me to illustrate a pair of looks for her website.


Now O'Harrow has transitioned to focusing on shirts as well square shaped textiles.

I spent a considerable amount of time discovering the look and crafting the people who would wear the squares.

Fashion Illustration, as I do for Sunflowerman illustrations is not a mere copy of anything. It is the unique creation of parts into a new whole.

You can see in The Sunflowerman Sketchbook (if you downloaded it see pages 15, 16, 17, 29, 31, 34, 35, 36) the sketches spanned more than 20 pages.

Simultaneously I was working on the first Angel Bespoke illustration.

The final illustrations would feature one man and one woman, each dressed casually in a shirt and wearing an O'Harrow pocket square in the breast pocket.

Claire provided me with some reference portraits to work from. This is the way I like to work. Copying photos is easy but lacks artistry and creativity.

With the O'Harrow Illustrations I had the freedom to create figures that were all my own, which only had to maintain the same facial features as the references.

From the Sketchbook I drew the O'Harrow illustrations on 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper. This set of illustrations was completed in a style that at the time was still experimental for me.

Sunflowerman Sketchbook pg. 15

Sunflowerman Sketchbook pg. 29

Sunflowerman Sketchbook pg. 16

O'Harrow Clothiers Fashion Illustration

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