Nene from Billy Red in Atlanta.

Nene from Billy Red in Atlanta.

Billy Reid - Rosedale- Rubber Black. Fox Print.
RRL - Officer Chino. Navel Inspired.
Paul Smith - Socks.
Billy Reid - Indianola Chukka Shoe. Camel.
Oliver Peoples - Gregory peck.
Beads - Multicolored Ghanian glass beads
The Knottery - Momentum

Nene greeted me as I perused the floor at Billy Reid in Atlanta. I couldn't help but notice how great his style was.

I was disappointed at Project Show in Las Vegas when I didn't get a chance to see the Billy Reid display or meet any of the people. Lucky for me a friend from ATL was getting married, opening up an opportunity for me to check out one of the few physical Billy Reid locations.

The feel of the old deep South was present in the decor, but the eclecticism in the arrangement was very modern. A large wooden table sat in the middle of the main room with homemade cookies and fresh cucumber water.

I touched the shoes and the shirts and the jackets and stared at the paintings on the walls. Nene didn't seem bothered in the least to chat and share what he knew about Billy Reid and other various topics of conversation.

Before leaving I made sure to capture a few snap shots of Nene's attire. I knew that this would need to be painted- a sure reminder that I had been there and a great way to share my experience of Billy Reid.

Billy Reid, the man, has been showered with accolades with his most recent direction. Prior to Billy Reid, the store, Billy Reid had started another clothing line.

Surely that experience helped to influence the great success he is having now. Headquartered in Alabama it is easy to understand the aesthetic influences that shape the look-books, the stores and all of the clothing.

Be sure to check out to see the full collection of clothing and to get a more rounded sense of their aesthetic.

Billy Reid

Nene Sketch at Billy Reid
Nene Sketch at Billy Reid
Nene Watercolor Painting at Billy Reid
Nene Watercolor Painting at Billy Reid
Nene Watercolor Painting at Billy Reid

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