Red Tie Illustration

Tie- Marwood, Sandwash Tie
Lapel Rose- Noble Breed, Red Lapel Rose
Shoes- Allen Edmonds, Rutledge Cap-Toe Oxfords

I new tie just feels right. The time in deciding which textures, colors and weights directly relates to the amount of joy that comes from wearing that tie.

I wanted to convey that message through visual storytelling.

Several questions have to be answered to develop the story. How do I draw attention to the tie? How do I balance the character against the object? How broad can the color palette be? What should he be wearing?

The color palette I limited to yellow ochre and red and graphite lines. Simpler the better, that's what they always say.

To draw attention to the tie I made it the only colored item on the torso (along with the lapel pin for the ambiance) and surrounded the silhouette with the same red color to repeat the emphasis on the tie.

Having the Allen Edmonds stick out from beneath the red bounding box was an aesthetic choice to balance out the weight of the shapes above.

The New Tie Illustration

What do you think? Do me a favor and let me know if I set the emphasis in the right place?