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Vintage Longines Final copy.jpg

This year at Baselworld I will be working with Longines and Time&Tide in what is being called the 'Longines Watercolor Watch Project.' The name is a bit long winded but wouldn't you know it everything I do is long winded.

To kick off the announcement of the collaboration I present you with this vintage 1950's Longines Calatrava which belongs to Zachary Prell. The same Zachary Prell who designed the namesake Contemporary Sportswear line featured in my last post.

We met at PROJECT Show in New York and again at PROJECT in Vegas. As we chatted in Vegas I learned about Zachary's interest in collecting vintage timepieces and was elated at his having worn his vintage Longines piece that day. Right there I grabbed my camera and started snapping shots. I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

Zachary Prell wearing a vintage Longines

The timing was serendipitous. I was, at that time preparing for my collaboration with Longines and Time&Tide but had yet to create a promo piece for the Watercolor Watch Project. Sharing this Zachary Prell feature was a shoe-in.

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