Fashion illustration portrait of blogger and menswear influencer Giorgio Giangiulio

Giorgio Giangiulio
Instagram: @giorgiogiangiulio

Where is home for you?
Home is where you feel good just being yourself. I mean, you don’t need anything else.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Cuba. Wish I could lie in the sun, with my beloved cigars. I wish I’d smoke and then read all Hemingway’s novels while listening to Compay Segundo’s songs.

If you could only have one pair of shoes, what color would they be?
Brown, definitely. I think it’s the most versatile

Podcasts or audiobooks?
Despite I love reading very much, I’d say audiobooks especially during long train trips. I love books dealing with oriental or Zen Philosophy. They’re relaxing and really inspiring. They get me to important questions about my life, encouraging deeper reflections anytime. According to a famous quote, The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. No other words are needed.

Extroverted or Introverted?
Both. They’re opposite sides of the same man. I’m outgoing, cheerful like many Italians are but at the same time I spend time alone contemplating, meditating. So, it’s impossible to say which mood prevails.

Who Inspires you? 

I’ve always been told to stay humble and kind. As I grow older, I find it’s the best advice I ever got. Being a down to earth man is a practical attitude, the first step to fly higher. I think about it whenever I meet refined people. They’re elegant but their manners are not pretentious, not affected at all. Those are the men and the women that inspire me. Not just for aesthetic reasons.

Tell us about one place that made an impact on your life.

Naples is undoubtedly the place that made a great impact on my life. This city is contagious, the air is filled with people’s creativity that helps develop a kind of positive attitude that gets actually real. Nothing is impossible, all problems can be solved. It’s absolutely a wonderful place. There are many pieces of art and craftsmanship is still real. Needless to say, Naples is home to best Italian tailors.

What does your favorite article of clothing say about you?

Doublebreasted blue blazer with golden button. It’s the quintessence of male elegance. I love wearing it in summertime or during the winter. White trousers with a blue blazer are a classic on summer days, while I’d match up it with grey trousers on colder days.

If you had to choose a different career, what would you be doing?

As a child, I wanted to be a Formula One Pilot. I grew up amongst cars, spending much time daydreaming about speed and races.

What are you most proud of in your own life?

My job, definitely. I’m building up my future and I’m incredibly happy with that.