In the Sunflowerman Mini Doc series I talk about the influences in my life and the things that bring me joy. It's all centered on my work as a Men's Fashion Illustrator, the places I like to go, the brands I love and the joy in living each day. One of those place is Aldea Coffee and one of those brands is Brew Watches.

Coffee is one of those joys.

I talk about it as a love in the video, but the case could be made that it is also one of my greatest vices. In Greece I would practice brewing in my briki up to 5 times a day. In Croatia it was an essential portion of my morning routine. Now, as I travel and work I brew my daily love, my daily vice in an aeropress every morning and most afternoons.

Aldea Coffee has been my second home in Grand Haven. Ruth and I only have a few months in Grand Haven but almost from the start Aldea was the go-to place for coffee, conversation and a little bit of work. (I even shot 'The Illustrator' all at Aldea). If you want to try some of the best coffee of your life, I'd suggest Aldea Coffee.

Brew Watches has been around for only a short time. When I first saw the Espresso Machine influenced design on instagram I immediately fell in love. The cushion case, the recessed strap fitting, the coffee influence, how was I not supposed to fall in love. And the chronograph feature is perfect for brewing almost any style of coffee. I'm an aeropress man myself. 

If your a fan of watches and of coffee the Brew Watch is a no-brainer.