I live a nomadic life. Like the nomads of old it's life that's not marked by plane flight after plane flight, a day here, two days there. Like the nomads of old it's a life that is marked by slow travel. It's about living a few months here, a few months there.

My intention is certainly different than the nomads of old. I want to be able to immerse myself in different cities, in different cultures. I want to take in the world around me.

Sunflowerman x Lincoln Park

My recent visit to Chicago was not a part of the nomadic travel, it was a fast-paced, hit the city and leave again. One of the stops I made was to Lincoln Park. In the park is a free conservatory and a free zoo. To see all of the photos check out Sunflowermatt.

I wore my Andres Sendra blue patins monk strap shoes as I strolled through the humid greenery of the conservatory and as I passed the myriad animals of the zoo. I kind of fell in love with the meerkats. If I were an animal I might want to be a meerkat.

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