Tumi X Troy, the fourth illustration in the Aesthetic Guide for the Dapper Man.

Marcus Troy was an early supporter of my work, especially after I contacted him for a fashion portrait illustration. see it here. It was through Marcus that I got my first quality duffel, a Tumi.

And now we have come full circle. Marcus Troy featured in the Tumi illustration for AG4DM.

The Painting

Tumi X Troy fashion illustration

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The Process

Tumi is a global company. They are known around the world for their quality and durability. Having visited the studio and seen their range of product I was very impressed with how they integrate their product lines. The way that a duffel might match a travel case in aesthetic and efficiency.

Marcus is known for many things but two ways he might oft be recognized is his wearing black, and wearing Goro jewelry. These two factors were essential in bringing out the character of the man.

Above are the initial sketches for the Tumi X Troy illustration. They involved some crazy ideas but I eventually mellowed out to what you see below.

For a special look at some Tumi Duffels check out the Week of Tumi Duffels on the Daily Fashion special selection including this one below. Click the Duffel to see more.

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