If you were wondering who has the pulse on the direction of fashion in America wonder no longer. Jenna Lyons has experienced a rush of fame as the creative director and president of J.Crew. Along with CEO Mickey Drexler and Head Designer Frank Muytjens Jenna has taken her 22 year career at J.Crew and built an empire.
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If you read any article about Jenna Lyons you will-without fail- begin with her great height. Second item mentioned will either be her work at J.Crew or her glasses. All of these seem to be valid thoughts or at least an almost automatic reaction to meeting her in person for the first time. 

With the illustration I was hoping to capture an essence of her character-her grace, gentleness and humility- while leaving many of the simple aspects of who Jenna Lyons is. Nearly six and half feet high is tall but in regard to Jenna it most effectively describes her authority. Much of what you learn about her is that she is fastidious and kind. That her remarks are with purpose and with joy.  

jenna lyons_0001.jpg
Jenna Lyons_0003.png
jenna lyons_0002.jpg

A sense of vulnerability was essential to capture her genteel quality while expressing her innate authority in life. Jenna certainly dresses to impress but rarely to flaunt. Usually sporting muted colors and simple if any patters with a flair of eccentricity here or there.