My Main Goal For The Night Is TO Stand Out As The DJ

Daily Fashion Illustration 158. Thursday, April 10. 2014

Style submitted by Wilmer Taveras. -instagram @deejaywill, twitter @deejaywill
'My style is authentic. I always try to make sure my style stands out in a unique and sophisticated way. I am a dj and always have to make sure my style matches my job and the music. To me its as simple as music is life, life is love, and love is all. Before I head out to any clubs or any gigs in general I start thinking about my sets and how I'm going to mix the songs, and I try to dress myself in accordance to how I feel the vibe will be like. My main goal for the night is to stand out as the dj everyone remembers and I feel like my outfit has alot to do with that so I make sure that I stay fresh.'

Daily Fashion Illustration, Wilmer Taveras
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