I Intend To Meet And Be Inspired By All Of Them

Daily Fashion Illustration 118. Wednesday, February 12. 2014

Style submitted by Nate Dotson. -instagram @nate_dotson
'I am a Fashion Producer for The Dapifer magazine. My ideal wardrobe would probably consist of a vast selection of suit jackets and other casual menswear attire. I love tailored cargo pants and double monk strap shoes. Being a Dapper Man is more about creating the outfit. The smallest detail can make your look. Pocket squares, silk knots, watches, bracelets,

For some reason so many people are hesitant to explore the dapper style. The dapper style is defined as sexy, smart, and stylish. There are Dapper Men all across the world who have different styles due to there traditional backgrounds. I intend to meet and be inspired by all of them to constantly evolve my style. As a Dapper Man I want to shift the culture.'

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