Painting the Longines Symphonette

Longines Watercolour Watch Project.

 For the review of the Longines Symphonette visit .

For the review of the Longines Symphonette visit

Painting the Symphonette was a drastic side step to the process of the 1967 Diver and the 1920's Pulsometer.

The elegant oval case shape turned my muscle memory into mush. The consistency of men's watches to be circles allows me to give the drawing job to my sub-conscious. My mind imagines the circle, turns it 360° and computes all of the variant angels. This is the result of drawing the circles hundreds of times.


The Symphonette is an oval shape with the long sides pinched up, and the short sides pinched down. It's like riding a baby roller-coaster. Up and down in short intervals with a shape that is not a common shape. At least not as common as the plain old circle.

After I got over the hump of drawing this beautiful ladies' watch the painting was actually a joy. Pearlescent on the dial and diamond encrusted on the bezel the goal was to make the watch shine.

I stopped short of putting a twinkle in your eye.

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