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Rolex's of the William Brown Project

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Rolex's of the William Brown Project

The William Brown Project is the work of Matthew Hranek. Here is more on Matthew, pulled from his site

'Photographer and Director Matt Hranek has spent the last 20 years of his life traveling to the corners of the globe on assignment. Photographing and writing about some of the world’s most desirable destinations, Matt’s images capture the people, place, and objects that embody the American spirit. His work has appeared everywhere from editorials in Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Esquire, GQ, Martha Stewart Living, Town and Country, and Travel and Leisure to commercial work for J Crew, LL Bean, Orvis, Sony, Target, and William Sonoma.

Matt created "The William Brown Project" as a visual diary of his photographic sojourns. He says he had the idea to turn his photographs and stories into the widely received blog because "there was so much residual content leftover from every photo shoot that it needed a place to go, so I made one". "The William Brown Project", where he tells of his elusive findings and exotic tastings was the inspiration behind the Esquire Network’s newest series, "Alternate Route", capturing the spontaneous adventure behind every photograph. The six episode first season follows Matt on the road less traveled as his passion and curiosity take him through Maryland, Chicago, Everglades, Charleston, and Montauk. Immersing himself in each society, Matt explores the local vernacular of the food and craft that personify his destinations.'

I had the pleasure of painting two of Matthew's watches. His Rolex GMT and Rolex Submariner.

Hranek- 'These are two beautiful example of 60's rolex sports model and as far as I am concerned the glory days of Rolex. I am proud and lucky to own them.'


Hranek- 'The GMT required endurance. I had a 16750 that I bought , then sold then bought a real shitty 1675 ( I loved the insert - perfect fade). Well my buddy jacek at HQ Milton in SF did me a solid and let me trade it in on a really lovely 1675 GMT that was actually traded in by a good friend of mine (who's GMT I coveted). It took a few moves to get there and well it's mine now and not going anywhere.'

Matt Hranek, Rolex Submariner book page fashion

Hranek- 'The Sub was my first Rolex purchase (my dad had left me a datejust). It was the early days of ebay and I had no idea what I was doing the watch was $1800 and the guy i was buying it from didn't trust ME... (early days).

I was very lucky - everything about the watch was perfect the lumes, the patina the pre-tropical (brown) dial. I will die with this watch.'

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