This Eterna watch commissioned by Cyrux.

When I asked Cyrux to tell me a story about his Eterna this is what he had to say,

'It is an Eterna that my Grandfather purchased during his first business trip abroad in the 60's. It has never been serviced and nothing has been replaced. It's all original and I love the fact that it's scratched and cracked.

My Grandfather gave it to my dad and my dad gave it to me when I moved to Australia in 2003. 

It is not worth much but it's very sentimental to me. I thank you for doing the painting for me so that I can share it with others when they come and visit.'

The aging and wearing was important for Cyrux. It was made clear to me that the crack over 11 and the scratch over 3 be made apparent.

Cyrux and I share a love of story. Every watch has a story. Every watch has something to share with it's owner, whether it is newly manufactured or has been through a war, or is simply being passed from father to son.

I love watches like this Eterna. One where the price doesn't matter.

It could have been a $30,000 watch and with the same story and I would have loved it the same.

Watches passed down through the generations maintain a value that is simply priceless. It could be sold at auction but no amount would do history the justice it deserves.


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