Watch-making or rather watch-painting has become a favorite past-time of mine.

After painting my first 100 watches, which you can see in the 100 Watches Gallery, I just couldn't stop.

There are so many watches, so many companies and so many passionate people that stopping would mean missing an entire community of amazing people.

Boca MMXII is a part of that community.

Alessandro of approached me with two of his watches to recreate. What is particularly special about Boca is the watch straps. These beautiful leather braided straps are hand woven with quality Mexican craftsmanship.

Boca matches Italian design with Mexican craftsmanship to provide a unique watch experience.

Below you will see the Grand Traveler with the bright Tobacco wristband on the left and on the right is the Riviera Black with Black wristband.

Boca MMXII book page watch paintings
Grand Traveler in Beige

Grand Traveler in Beige

Riviera Black

Riviera Black



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