Bob's Watches is the site for pre-owned Rolex watches. I loved the look and character of their Gold Rolex Submariner 1680.


A Little About The Gold Rolex Submariner 1680

  1. The Model 1680 Gold Submariner is the first to have a reference date window and was manufactured by Rolex for Tiffany Co. 
  2. The 1680 was also the first gold Rolex.
  3. A golden anchor was produced to go with the watch .
  4. Vintage submariners have a thicker crystal made of acrylic which is shatterproof.  They do scratch easy though.
  5. Vintage 1680s are difficult to find, making them more valuable and to many, more interesting.

About Paul Altieri
Paul Altieri is the owner and CEO of Bob’s Watches.  Paul is an avid Rolex expert and enthusiast.  Over the years he has collected a myriad of rare, vintage Rolex watches, each one having its own unique and interesting story to tell. 

About Bob’s Watches
Bob’s Watches was founded by Paul Altieri who is the mastermind behind the World’s First and only Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange.  The Rolex Exchange allows consumers to buy, sell, and trade second hand Rolex timepieces at fair market prices.  The website openly publishes current buy and sell values for each model of Rolex. Every watch on Bob’s Watches is in stock ready to be shipped to your front door via overnight shipping.


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