This Doxa Sub 300 Professional 'Black Lung' watch was submitted by James Lamdin. (instagram user @analogshift)

'The DOXA is really the timepiece that got me into watches to begin with (through discovering the brand in Clive Cussler's novels) - and it took me TEN YEARS to find a good one.  Although I had a few others come through the collection, none were original/special enough to fit the bill. 

This one materialized just this past spring, sold to me by the son of the original owner, who found it in a desk drawer after about 20 years of it just sitting there. 

It is a very rare prototype dial featuring a "filled in" US Divers/Aqualung logo known to collectors as a "Blacklung".  Subsequent production models had the logo executed in outline only, as it was decided the full printed logo would make the hands hard to see when they passed over.  Less than 20 were made, and about 12-13 are accounted for today.  I actually haven't yet disclosed my find (which came with the original papers) to the DOXA community, but when I do I'm sure it will be to-do. 

The bracelet I have on it is slightly later, which is why the end-links don't fit properly.  I'm working on rectifying this, but could take some time to find them.'



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