This Meisturwerk Machinen MM-01 watch was submitted by Meisturwerk Machinen. (instagram user @meisturwerk_machinen)

"MM-01...from my paper to your reality and back to @sunflowerman pages lies  beauty in it's timeless simplicity."

I love this watch!  From the beginning of the 100 Watches Project Meisturwerk has been a great supporter. His love of great quality, luxury items extends to his love of art. When he submitted his MM-01 watch he asked about the possibility of getting a larger format image. We talked it out and I happened to have a book on 'The Birth Of Western Civilization' that was quite large. 

The Western Civilization book was produced around the same time period as the Sherlock Holmes book. Which meant for me that the quality of the paper is perfect for painting with watercolor. Meisturwerk's consistent excitement and encouragement helped to make this one of my favorite watches to date.


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