This Rolex watch with Olongapo Strap was submitted by Chicks With Watches (instragram user @chickswithwatches)

'First up, one of my father's Rolexes on a handcrafted Olongapo strap. These straps were very popular for soldiers who were doing tours in Vietnam back in the 60's and 70's. Back then, there were artisans a plenty who crafted these for GI's. My dad said back then (he was 17-18 when he was a US Navy medic corpsman) he didn't understand the "coolness" of them. When he realized as an adult, he couldn't find any artists who could make one....until he found Jaffy Jurado in the Philippines a few years ago. Needless to say , my dad had a strap hand crafted for his Rolex. Here she father, a retired Navy Seal medic corpsman would be THRILLED to see this in one of your GORGEOUS pieces.'



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