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The 'Coffee King'


Deutsche Uhrenfabrik.

Dating back to the early-mid 1900's with design drawn from the influential 1930's German bred, Bauhaus design-movement.

The German, 'DuFa' brand is currently being revitalized with a series of quartz watches and I am excited out-of-my-mind that they will be releasing an automatic watch this month at Baselworld - the largest and most influential gathering of watch brands in the world.

Ranging from $100-$400, Deutsche is one of the better dress watches for the price on the market. 


DUFA Watches chronograph
Pouring Aldea Coffee

Aldea Coffee

Housed in the old Armory of a lovely little town called Grand Haven. Owned and staffed by the most passionate, hard-working and ethically minded individuals.

With the non-profit Aldea Development as the source, Aldea Coffee roasts, brews and serves coffee that is not only the pinnacle of flavor, but also the standard-bearer for a fully sustainable cycle of coffee.

I smile every time I drink Aldea Coffee.


Goorin in the Studio

Goorin Brothers

For over 100 years Goorin has been producing hats in the U.S. From Pittsburgh in the late 1800's to San Francisco in the mid 1900's and now all over North America.

A good fedora is fast becoming a staple in the man's wardrobe. After dying out in the era of business casual hats are finding a new home in our modern day of menswear, where dressing is not a matter of the work-place but of self-respect.

My Goorin was one of the final pieces that rounded out the Sunflowerman style.



Nat Sherman

With a history deserving of its own tv show on AMC, Nat Sherman Cigars can be found at tobacconists in all 50 States. I really do recommend reading the abbreviated wikipedia history.

When you're in New York you need to stop by the Flagship on 42nd St. It has its own storied past, including being the meeting place for gangsters in the 50's - I'm telling you, read the history.

When you're done with that I hope you can enjoy an evening cigar.


Nat 42nd
Nice Laundry and Tawny Goods

Nice Laundry

My favorite socks by far. Nice Laundry is quite the young company. Don't let that dampen your enthusiasm. They have a great balance of conservative and eclectic. It's like a mullet for your sock drawer - keep the business at the front and the party in the back.

The entire crew for 'The Illustrator' shoot, all of the baristas and even a little 5 year old were sporting Nice Laundry. The joy in getting new Nice Laundry socks can't be expressed in words, just imagine the face of a young child being handed a mass of cotton candy.


Sunflowerman photo by Leigh Ann Cobb

Mokaya Chocolate

It's time to start thinking of chocolates as a luxury purchase. When it's hand-crafted - I'm telling you these are truly works of art - and made using the finest chocolate in the world then it becomes more than just a quick treat, it becomes an experience.

Mokaya is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and started out in the basement of a West Michigan caterer and grew by word of mouth. With a desire for crafting high quality delicacies Mokaya is bringing the first local, artisanal chocolate shop to the area.


sketchbook at Aldea Coffee
Mokaya Chocolate and DUFA Watches


Deutsche Uhrenfabrik
German Time-Pieces

Nice Laundry
Awesome Socks

Aldea Coffee
The Best Coffee

Mokaya Chocolate
Insanely Delicious Chocolates

Thought Cake Living
Vintage and Antique Collectibles



Illustration and Editorial

Photography / Art Direction
Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

Grand Armory Brewing Company / Aldea Coffee


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