Wearing Canada Goose at PROJECT in Vegas.

Sunflowerman in PROJECT Show

Not only does the Lightweight Down Jacket from Canada Goose keep me warm on chilly nights but it looks damn awesome too!

I kind of wish it wasn't so warm so I could wear it in the summer as well. Perhaps I'll head north for the summer just so I can.

Sunflowerman in Canada Goose at PROJECT Show

When those chilly nights turn frigid and the wind freezes my bones I add the CG outer shell to lock me in tight and shield out the world.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to test it on the slopes because my package arrived while I was skiing the mountains in Colorado. However, an odd cold front hit Texas which brought several days of sleet and snow and the Outer Shell became my best friend.

Sunflowerman Fashion

Shot at PROJECT Show in Vegas by the sharpshooter Naskademini.

Eyewear- Eyebuydirect.com (this pair no longer in production D=)
Shirt- TrioCustoms.com
Tie- TigerofSweden.com
Jacket- CanadaGoose.com
Outer Shell- CanadaGoose.com