The threat of torrential snow fall was everywhere, except out our back window. My mother texted me 'are you still coming into the city?' the weather channel posted warning, all local news made clear the danger. But in our backyard the skies were only thinly veiled with clouds.

So we drove the 35 minutes or so into Grand Rapids for Ruth's salon appointment and I stopped at Rowster Coffee. Snow was falling but the roads were fine.

Sunflowerman wearing Five Four at Rowster Coffee

Rowster Coffee is a favorite stop of mine in Grand Rapids. The coffee is exceptional and the space is exactly what you would expect from a third-wave coffee shop almost anywhere in the world. Lot's of wood with exposed construction. It's a great place for emails, for thinking and for sketching.

Rowster Coffee

I knew I would be spending time drinking coffee while Ruth had her hair done at the salon a few blocks down the road so I left the house prepared with Brew Watches on my wrist. It's a favorite watch in my collection, designed with inspiration drawn from industrial espresso machines.

After an hour I had to move the car under threat of ticketing. In only an hour's time the roads had devolved into slip-n-slides, complete with water running down hills and that terrible feeling you get in your tummy when you go belly-down. 

There was one thing I had to accomplish before we made the terrifying journey back home. I had to shoot my Five Four jacket and shirt.

Five Four recently partnered with Robert Geller to produce an exclusive line. I was first exposed to Robert Geller at the inaugural NYFWM several months back and have continued to love his work (see the illustration here). I consider it a great honor to sport some Robert Geller design from Five Four.

Five Four is a unique and altogether interesting menswear label out of LA. They offer collections on a subscription basis. For $60 a month you receive 2-3 exclusive designs delivered right to your door. The only way to snag Five Four is by signing up.