My lovely wife Ruth and I went on a weekend getaway. (more photos of the stops along the way to come)

I had just worked eight days in Switzerland, cool dark nights and bright groggy mornings every day. Wading through crowds of beautiful people and sipping extremely average espresso.

Dallas welcomed me home after 16 hours of travel at 8 in the pm. By 8 the next morning I was on my way down to Belton, TX. Three hours south.

@DistrictDrive dropped off this lovely Cadillac ELR in blazing red at 7 that morning. Convenient, I know. After traveling abroad I was ready to travel nationally. All that I needed to do was pick up my wife.

With the ability to switch between electric and gas the ELR offered us a chance to save on mileage, but with hours of highway driving the 80mpg became more like 35mpg. After driving a Prius for the last 6 months it was nice to have good acceleration. The built in GPS, back up camera and on star service didn't hurt either.

After Belton, Ruth and I were on our way down to Houston for a Topshop/Topman opening. Blue Bell ice cream's factory was on the way so we made a delicious stop there. From Houston we drove down to Galveston to enjoy the beach. After a day of coastal living we drove back up to Houston to visit Rice University.

I'm no petrolhead. I could care less about cars. They are beautiful mechanical creations, but I have no personal interest in their finer points.

What I appreciate is ease of driving, mileage and space for my stuff.

Then there are the extras. The GPS built in. The rear view camera. The controls on the steering wheel. Simple cruise controls. Clear dashboard design. Blind spot warnings on the side view mirrors and vibrating on my butt in the seat.

One complaint. The radio controls were not simple. We figured it out, but they were not simple. Honestly, I want the radio controls to be as easy the cruise control, which was immensely simple and actually quite fun to use.

Thank you @DistrictDrive and Eneuri at Cadillac for loaning us the car.

Here's my disclaimer for you in case you were wondering. We were not payed by @DistrictDrive or Cadillac to share images or kind words. In none of our correspondence did anyone ever ask for compensation in any way.

In the next week or two I will be sharing photos from the Topman opening, Galveston and Rice University. All stops we made along our Cadillac getaway.