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Men's Fashion Template, Jackets

The next up in the Template series is the Single-Breasted Jacket and the Double-Breasted Jacket.

Please feel free to nab these and use them in whatever way you wish.

The Single-Breasted jacket is one of the single most important facets of a man's wardrobe. It's versatility is unmatched. Wear it to work, to a ball-game, to a reception. Bear in mind that it won't make you the Ball of the Bell, but you are sure to look fine.

It is important to note never to button that bottom button. I know we all have stood in the mirror with all buttons fastened and wondered why. If you are comfortable with your self in a Single-Breasted jacket then heck I say go for it, but also be prepared for a few glaring eyes. Men's Fashion Template

The Double-Breasted jacket is becoming popular again (i.e. Denzel on the cover of GQ). The standard is 4 buttons but there are such a variety of Double-Breasted jackets (2-button, 6-button...), all of which I find valid and beautiful. If you are attempting to play it cool and still class up an event it can't hurt to pull out the 4-button Double-Breasted jacket.

Men's Fashion Template