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Sunflowerman and Sam Flax- Illustration Tutorial

It is true! The rumors, or lack of rumors suggesting the collaboration between Sunflowerman and Sam Flax Atlanta can now be confirmed. Men's Fashion Illustration Tutorial

The 'Watercolor for Illustrators' shorts series will be released for free in a couple weeks. I have had the immense pleasure to partner with Sam Flax in presenting this information, free of charge to anyone and everyone.

Here is a video from the last Sunflowerman, Sam Flax experience.



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The Construction of Dinosaurs...

The Construction of Dinosaurs is a painting I did live at Sam Flax nearly a year ago. It was a part of a promotion for One Love Generation, an Atlanta non-profit mentoring teens in arts and service. I brought a camera along to document the 8 hour process. The week before I spent some time developing a concept and composition to have a plan going into the day. A friend had suggested a while back that I do a painting of a kid pouring water on a blow up dinosaur. From there you have what came below.

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Angry Bird

My bossed asked me if I wanted to do a painting for him. Of course I said yes. I mean, I can't pass up an opportunity to at least attempt to show off. Brian, my boss, wanted a picture of his son riding an 'Angry Bird'. This became a chance to try my hand at something new- vector images.



One of the biggest issues of painting something like 'Angry Birds' is the thick black lines that surround every form. With this I have no chance to fudge a line and say that it is because 'the light is hitting it just so…'. No sir, no ma'am I had to try something new.

It just so happens that the very same day I got the call from Brian I had purchased some liner brushes from Sam Flax after seeing Atlanta artist Sam Parker painting in store. As I was walking up to his work space he was outlining a form on the canvas. The newness and brilliance of his technique swept over my artistic sensibilities and nearly on the spot I purchased my new and awesome brushes.


Below is the progression of the painting. It is the four main stages from drawing, to watercolor wash to finished painting.

-When painting in watercolors I almost always will start with a pencil drawing that defines my shapes and general values.

-Next I do a wash over the entire painting then pull out the color from specific highlight areas. Areas such as the nob of the nose, the eyes, the bottom lip and forehead.

-The angry bird is made of 4 layers of color, one on top of the other. For the 'starburst' effect I used frog tape to mask the paper and allow for more freedom in my brushwork.

-Finally I went into the details in the face and we are at the end. Enjoy!