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Fashion Illustration… D.R.E.S and GQ

Since the very last post prior to this one is about the original illustration I will not go on for long. This is the sixth GQ cover in the series so far (the rest found here).  I might say I am actually getting quite good at this. So step down this way and take a look at the newest edition of the illustrated GQ with D.R.E.S. ThaBeatnik.


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Think about the the thoughts that are associated with the imagery and name of vultures.  

Are they majestic?

Are they noble?

Are they beautiful?

It is common to view vultures with contempt. They are symbols of death. How could they not be with their writhing, red, balding heads. The sunken eyes are the vision of their teetering between the living and dead. When there is a vulture over-head then death is near-by. What high praise can be given to a bird that seeks out death?

John Mayer expresses this view plainly in his characterization of vultures in the aptly titled track 'Vultures.'

All of these vultures hiding Right outside my door I hear them whisperin They're tryin to ride it out Cause they've never gone this long Without a kill before


I might just go ahead and posit another thought here. Perhaps the nature of vultures is not about death, but about life?

It is about more than the vital role that they play in the environment. Vultures represent a specific moment in the transitional times of life. Their lives transcend the simple but lead us to the sublime. In certain cultures the vulture is revered. It is called a death-eater, a cleanser, a purifier. Imagine the beauty of life. Imagine a life being lived and filled with the joy of existence. When that joy has turned then death enters. Note that this is not when the vulture enters. Death takes what it wants and leaves nothing but a token of what once had lived. In the midst of the tragedy of death comes the vulture to eat what death has left behind. In this death the vulture finds life. The vulture redeems the act of death to an act of life.


The vulture's life is all about redemption!


The vulture's life is about renewal!


Ponder that idea. Wrestle with a new understanding.

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Burning Bridges...

Burning Bridges is an opportunity to join in the conversation about relationships. Why do we break them? Why do we ruin them? Is it the fault of one person? or is it a collaboration of failures? One person can appear to be offensive and angry, while the reasons behind the fiery anger may be subtle. Perhaps the anger is justified. Perhaps the hurt is the fault of the one who is breaking the relationship.

It is supposed to be a part of a conversation. Do you have anything to add?

This is also part of a school project. We had to follow the C.F. Payne technique. It involves many steps, and many media. I must have done something wrong, because I am not a fan of the technique, although it did produce some interesting results. It involves colored pencil, acrylics, watercolors, india ink, and oils.

Maybe I'm too immature to appreciate the nuances in the process... hopefully one day I can understand...


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The Graduation

The Graduation is the assimilation of octopuses into human culture. Well, actually it is my solution to a class project. The assignment was to incorporate an octopus into an illustration. The parameters were vast- simply place and octopus in the image.

After researching octopuses for a while there was a constant theme. Octopuses are smart- opening jar, carrying coconut.

I went the easy route in conveying this. An octopus is graduating Harvard.

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