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Kim Jong Il and Orca

After my recent show I received an email about a new commission piece. It mentioned something about a fascination with Kim Jong Il. When I read that tidbit of information I was taken aback. To what degree of fascination I'm not sure but nevertheless my intrigue was captured and my hands trembled with anticipation. The sketches were simple and straightforward and I moved right into the painting.

What came of it is shown below.




Mr. Miyagi...

So the Graveyard Tavern opening night was a hit! No it wasn't a firesale or anything of the sort, but by all means it was a success. We began setting up around 7 and were ready to go by 9- more or less. The support from friends was overwhelming but unfortunately there is no photographic evidence. The work will be up through the rest of the month so be sure to check it out. Buuut if you can't make it then pay attention to the blog in the coming weeks to see the works that debut the work of Sunflowerman on the Atlanta art scene.

Mr Miyagi (already sold =] ) was the headliner of the show. If you haven't made it out then here is a taste of what you missed.



Death Eaters

Below is a taste of a project I am working on dealing with resurrection. It's about life and death, sacrifice and selfishness. 20111103-093542.jpg

These little guys are 5x7 acrylic illustrations. Each is a small grisaille- initially painted in gray scale then covered in colored glazes. They are part of a myriad of similar sized and themed paintings that will be hanged together to tell a story.



A Heavenly Bee...

It came upon me that life is short. Not a new idea by any means, but an idea that holds precious meaning in certain and precious circumstances. It came upon me in mid-afternoon. It wasn't the first time, and it wasn't the last, but it was memorable.

This beast of insignificant size spent most of its time, from what I surmised, buzzing around the front door of my apartment. Every day for a week or so it would be there to greet me and see me off.

It came upon me to record this gentle musician for posterity's sake.

So I grabbed my camera and began the process of capturing the elusive bee. Capturing, mind you, in a purely photographic sense

It danced in the air as if it were posing. But its poses were playful and prancing. There were few moments in which it actually stayed long enough for a decent view.

Slowly it began to disappear. Off into the distance. A soft glow of the afternoon sun enveloping the bee.

As the last moments of its presence waned I sensed that it was not going to be around much longer.

Such a small creature didn't seem to have long to spend buzzing for my enjoyment.

The bee must have had responsibilities to the hive, and many more plans to fill the short time of its existence.

It came upon me that life is short. By all means a new idea to be discovered by everyone.