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Creativity and Fashion- Hair

I was 11 with hair trimmers in hand. My mother vehemently and vocally disagreed. The masterpiece she had been parting over the last 10 years was disappearing. The full, soft, curvaceous mop atop my head was now adorning the tile beneath my feet. Freedom. The tyranny was over. No person could control me any longer. My idols-a disobedient cousin, my father who liked to cause little mischeifs, the athletes on the playground- were now all knowable. I could truly understand them for the first time. I could feel the power. I cut off all my hair.

I was 17 with a paint brush in hand. The classroom bustle had lulled and all of the students were balanced upon their stools. My bristle top stood attentive as it had for the last 6 years, standing guard. This particular day it was given a new permission.

Change. The need for military grade hair-styling disappeared. The girls in the class expressed in resolute terms the attractiveness of long hair on men. Within 6 months I was a new man. My posture strong, my eyes seductive and my hair fell to the length of my shoulders.

Since those Sophomore grade-school years the cuts, lengths and styles have varied dramatically. I have grown it to obscene lengths and cut it back to nothing again.

I have shocked my friends with dyes, straightening, gelling, mohawks, near-mullets, corn-rows and at times a sheer lack of concern. Some members of my church even went so far as to scorn me for my erotically long hair.

The adventure of hair is fantastic if not at times controversial. If God gifts you with a full head of hair do not waste it. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Let the world see and marvel at it.

men's fashion illustration-hair



New glasses...New hair...New me?

So it all began with a girl. Yes, everything is the fault of that darn opposite sex. Anyway, I blame it all on a girl. It occurred to me that I needed to see. This is a revelation that came over the course of a year. I decided that I didn't want to wear my glasses anymore for very specific reasons-of which you should feel free to ask. So for almost a year I went without seeing as well as a 'normal' person would see. In my mind I could see well enough to get by, and that's all that I really needed. As it turns out, not seeing the beauty of God's world is like death.

Me without glasses, but still with long hair.

So I went to Decatur Eye Care on the suggestion of a friend-great people by the way. They filled out my prescription and I tried on a few glasses. My faves were the Arthur glasses (I dubbed them as such). They are thick round frames. SO awesome! The issue with that was a matter of nearly $300. Although I would love to give Decatur Eye Care all of my business, I can't afford that.

After I arrived home I searched the web for glasses online. I came across They were running a buy one get one free deal, which allowed me to get two pair of glasses for only $40. And directly below you will find the result. Being able to see again is such an amazing blessing.

I think having poor sight is a blessing as well. If you have eyes that see well, then I imagine it is harder to appreciate everything that you see on a daily basis. When I put my glasses on and look at the world that God has created, the world that we all live in, and when I can see the faces of everyone around me, I feel that I am given a new vision of life. I am being blessed with a renewed world.

It's me with long hair and glasses.

I work at a Pizzeria. I have been working there since June of this year, and I do believe that from the very beginning Bryan-my boss- wanted me to cut my hair. It has been more of an issue the last couple of months, and for the last couple of months I have been telling him that it is going to get cut, but alas, it was still long. Can't lie, I really like the long hair, over time it just grew on me (literally and in the figurative).

The tipping point for me was when my speech professor walked to the front of the classroom the other day, started to walk back out, and stopped when she saw me. From here I quote her verbatim, with exasperation in her voice, 'You have a lot of hair, is that a wig?!' Yeah, so, well, I guess that's what really convinced me to get it cut.

It turns out that my friend Ruth is amazing at everything, and I will quote her now, 'Now I ain't braggin' but its understood that everything I do I sure do good.' Just take a look at my hair, she cut it.

Me with glasses, and cut hair.

Now this all begs the question, who am I? Is this a new Matt, or is this the same Matt? Is it possible for someone to be the same after experiencing life? Do people really stay the person they have always been? Is it the glasses or the hair that make the man? Or are those outward expressions a reflection of the change of an inner man? Or is it all the exposure to culture that causes someone to change his person, appearance or otherwise?


Well, here I am for the examining. Hopefully my person can be somewhat revealed in the things that I post, and that you might discover who Matt is (and then you can tell me so I can know).