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The Parts of a Men's Fashion Illustration

Here is a visual insight into the process of one of the men's fashion illustrations. Not everything is revealed, but study the images and you will get the gist of it all goes down. Let me know what you think. This men's fashion illustration is a part of the Illustration Weekly Series and was featuring the Milan's Men Fashion Week at the beginning of 2013.

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London Collections Men, Hackett

London Fashion Week kicked off the new year and the new look at fashion for 2013. I have taken a look at several of the collections and illustrated them on recycled Sherlock Holmes Short Story Book Pages and are available at the shop

This first look is at the Hackett Collection. The WWD review provides a great rundown of the runway.

Jeremy Hackett took to the crypt of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in east London for his show that was all about the snazzy English gent — the sort who wears a bowler hat to work. Hackett played with traditional men’s wear patterns such as Prince of Wales and windowpane checks, and mixed and layered tailored pieces with patterned knitwear in the form of sweater vests, V-neck pullovers and scarves.

Hackett Collection 2013


Hackett Collection 2013

The Rake at the shop

Hackett Collection 2013

The Dapper at the shop

Hackett Collection 2013

The Dandy at the shop



Illustration Weekly 3...

Just Look to the Streets of London

London Collections: Men launched its second season this past week spring-boarding the new year's fashion frenzy. Milan came hurriedly after, jaunting there own sartorial say on 2013.

I of course could not resist the opportunity to include my thoughts on the spectacle; a spectacle of great beauty and pomp.

When Hackett, E. Tautz, Matthew Miller and the streets combine.

week 3 sketchweek 3 sketch


Some are even noticing a decidedly more interesting… (Read the rest of the article at


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London Collections Men, 2013… Book Page Fashion Illustrations

London Collections: Men is done and the fashion world has moved on to the next thing (being, Pitti and Milan). Beautiful things have happened with the collections this year and I can't wait to throw my spin on them. In two weeks I will be launching the London Collections Men 2013 Fashion Illustrations at

I will be focusing on five designers from the collection and identifying some of the main items in the collections that stood out to me. Matthew Miller

E. Tautz


The two sets of images previewed here are from the Matthew Miller Collection and the E. Tautz Collection.

Stay posted for more info about this series.



Fashion Illustration… Giambattista Valli

I was contacted by the wonderful people at D2G Apparel to do some illustrations based on the Paris Fashion week that ended on the 4th of this past month. While I have been focusing on mens' fashion lately I thought that it might be a nice diversion from the normal. Also, women are just much more fun to draw. The week was full of amazing projects and designs. The first day kicked off with the always lovely Versace, but what really peaked my interest was the work of Giambattista Valli. There was a yearning for nature and beauty together that conjugated in the floral arrangements adorned by the women of the runway. Flowers and butterflies and floral prints were all a rather literal interpretation, but powerful nonetheless.

I identified several aspects from the Valli line that would work there way into my interpretive illustration.

-nature -light reds and greens -floral print -controlled hair, pulled back and tight

Included below are the final illustration and the process of the painting.

Look to D2G Apparel in the next several weeks to where this image on a shirt.