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Bowyer and Fletcher Fabric Fashion Illustration

Jahmal, from Bowyer and Fletcher contacted me about some Bow Tie artwork for their fine bow tie brand. Bowyer and Fletcher was an early subscriber to the work I have been producing with men's fashion illustration and their support bolstered my confidence entering into this new market. The brand has now grown beyond just bow ties (see the new product) and I am excited to see where else they can expand in the future. I have to say that with this project took some long time to produce anything. I stake claim to the blame for that. Local projects kept finding there way into my days and I neglected the good folks at Bowyer and Fletcher. The wait did allow for the development of a project that had been floating around in my mind for some time.

If you recall the large fabric paintings from the H. Stockton show (in case you missed it) you will know what I am talking about. There, I debuted the large fabric fashion paintings. The reactions were all ecstatic and I knew that along with my overwhelming joy for there creation that this is what I needed to do with Bowyer and Fletcher.

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I am a little disappointed that there is little visual comparison of size but if you are a technical person then knowing that it is approximately 6 feet by 2.5 feet will suffice. Grommets are placed in each corner of the fabric for easy stretching or displaying on walls or in windows or over hand made frames.

Now go check out the good work from our friends at Bowyer and Fletcher.

And see the featured Bow Tie.



High Cotton Fabric Paintings

High Cotton is a new, local North Carolina high fashion attire company. James, one of the spokesmen (and son of the artisan who hand sews the bow ties) contacted me a while back about a possible collaboration for the brand. High Cotton makes amazing hand sewn, 100% cotton bow ties and cummerbunds. I particularly have my eye on the corduroy. When I tell you that James is one of the most passionate and genuine salesmen I have ever met I am telling you that I look forward to every phone conversation. One time his mother even joined in on a call. High Cotton to me has been the hospitality of the South and the sincere ambition of creating beautiful things.

You will find this following phrase on their website and it captures High Cotton for me.

'It is our hope that High Cotton Ties will be able to extend itself to our customers as a helping hand to properly reflect their individuality, in good conscience and in good style.'

We have a lot of plans in the works that make me giddy but I couldn't help but to share what has been produced to this point. We are focusing initially on the large Fashion Fabric Paintings (like the ones from the H.Stockton show) and some smaller book page illustrations.

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