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My Look at the Matthew Miller Collection...

I didn't have the foresight to see all of the London Collections for Men as it was happening this year, but looking back upon the collections I stopped with the Matthew Miller Collection. Admittedly I was drawn to his work because I follow him on twitter (@Studio_M_Miller) and there was no end of Matthew Miller this and Matthew Miller that. When the collection made its way to my browser it caught me off guard. I was spending time with the Hackett and E. Tautz Collections which were giving me much more of what I would have expected, and giving well.

I took to understanding this Black Collection by doing what I do best. See my thoughts in these five illustrations.

Matthew Miller Collection

Matthew Miller Collection Matthew Miller Collection Matthew Miller Collection Matthew Miller Collection

I didn't quite capture the darkness in the collection with these brush drawings, but the essence of the movement and mood are present in each.




Tie + Jacket Collection

For those of you wondering where you might find a Book Page Fashion Illustration the mystery will soon be resolved. Tomorrow is the launch of the online gallery and store. The link will be available here tomorrow so be sure to check it out. image

The first release will be the Tie and Jacket Collection with new releases coming each of the next three weeks.

Every Book Page Fashion Illustration is an original Watercolor painting on recycled book pages. Tie +Jacket is a fashion series focusing on bold lines and strong compositions. The pursuit of Knowledge, Sophistication and Creativity are the framework for every illustration.



Fashion Illustration… Giambattista Valli

I was contacted by the wonderful people at D2G Apparel to do some illustrations based on the Paris Fashion week that ended on the 4th of this past month. While I have been focusing on mens' fashion lately I thought that it might be a nice diversion from the normal. Also, women are just much more fun to draw. The week was full of amazing projects and designs. The first day kicked off with the always lovely Versace, but what really peaked my interest was the work of Giambattista Valli. There was a yearning for nature and beauty together that conjugated in the floral arrangements adorned by the women of the runway. Flowers and butterflies and floral prints were all a rather literal interpretation, but powerful nonetheless.

I identified several aspects from the Valli line that would work there way into my interpretive illustration.

-nature -light reds and greens -floral print -controlled hair, pulled back and tight

Included below are the final illustration and the process of the painting.

Look to D2G Apparel in the next several weeks to where this image on a shirt.